About the Coach

The parenting coach has extensive experience in the care of the disabled, child and adolescent psychiatry and youth and adult psychiatry. As a teaching assistant, a music therapist and family counselor she has worked with children and adults alike.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy (music) the parenting coach has a post-graduate diploma in Practical Pedagogical Family counseling and has taken part in several other courses to broaden and deepen her knowledge. For the past 6 years, the parenting coach hasĀ  worked as a family counselor and has helped parents with a diverse range of educational questions.

A message from the coach:

“With opvoedingscoach.eu, I want to make it easier for parents who walk around with different parenting questions to seek help and work with an expert to find a solution. My goal is to reach people who need help at the right time, usually at an early stage. I advise parents therefore not to wait until problems are irreversible. If treated at an early stage there can be huge improvements after just a few sessions.