How Does it Work?

The Parenting Coach offers parents expert advice and guidance in education.

▪ The method: You can contact the Parenting Coach for a free and informal conversation. During this call, the education counselor will discuss your situation with you and help you pick the most appropriate approach and give you an overview of what Pedagogic Coaching can offer.

▪ If you decide to work with the Parenting Coach you will receive a questionnaire in preparation for the interview.

▪ This interview takes place in the home and is necessary to better understand the request for help. Depending on your needs and the opinion of the Pedagogic Coach a sequel is agreed that fits your situation and needs. This can be a one-time consultation but it can also mean that the problem needs more attention. Normally two different observation times will be agreed on during the interview based on when you think would be the most appropriate time to observe. During the observation the coach may use a camera to record behaviors that require attention. The pedagogic Coach writes a report after these two observations describing the findings as well as concrete recommendations to remedy the problem(s). The pedagogic Coach will also discuss this observation report with you. You can then choose to get guidance counseling to help you implement these suggestions effectively.